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Perfectly prepared sports and performance car sales

High Speed heroes is owned and run by me, Rowan McCann, A lifelong self diagnosed petrolhead and entrepreneur.

When starting High Speed Heroes, I wanted to offer interesting cars, cars that people who are ‘into cars’ would like. But I wanted to be different, I wanted to offer quality cars. In the 20 odd cars I had personally bought mainly from independent dealers, there was a recurring pattern, most cars had faults or niggles that had been hidden and not fixed. Mostly nothing catastrophic, but all of them cost me money, tainted my experience of my new car, and made me say to myself, “well, I wouldn’t buy a car from …… again!” So the ethos of High Speed Heroes is to sell cars that are good quality, have been fully checked over, any issues found and fixed.

This means I probably work on lower margins than some of my competitors but it means that you, the customer, get a great car that you can drive away and be really happy with, tell your friends what a great car it is and where you got it. Then when you’re ready to change again, you had a great experience last time so you want to come back, instead of having another garage crossed off your list because they hid faults from you last time!

I can remember the number plate of every car that my parents have owned since the age of four. Most of my childhood memories revolve around vehicles and cars. from endlessly racing my green little tykes tractor down the path in my back garden, to my Dad buying his most expensive car (at the time), a 4 year old Audi 100 Avant. I loved that car and spent hours in it on the driveway pretending to drive it.

As I grew up my love of cars never wained. In my teens I bought “Max Power” magazine every fortnight and spent hours on the Max Power forum. Then I turned 17, got my licence as quickly as I could, and have been spending my money buying and modifying cars ever since!

In 2010, the Government introduced the Feed In Tariff which created a huge market for the installation of solar panels. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to start a company with my dad. We successfully ran the company for six years, completing well over 500 installations all over the UK, In 2016, two key things happened. The Government massively cut subsidies, almost killing the market, and my Dad decided he wanted to retire. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to start High Speed Heroes.

Quality Used Cars

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