We hold stock of a large range of cleaning and detailing products from AM Details. Having tried various products from different manufacturers we believe that the AM Details range offers some of the best products on the market at very reasonable prices. We generally have stock of the following products. Payment by cash, credit or debit card welcome.

AM APC Powerful All Purpose Cleaner – 500ml £7
AM Wheels Acid Free Wheel Cleaner – 500ml £8
AM Iron Iron Fall Out Remover – 500ml £12
AM Bubbles Luxury Car Shampoo – 500ml £10
AM Tar Tar and Glue Remover – 500ml £10
AM Dress Multipurpose Dressing – 500ml £15
AM Seal Paint Sealant – 250ml £12
AM Trim Exterior Trim Sealant £8
AM Glaze All In One Paint Glaze – 250ml £12
AM Detailer Quick Detailer PLUS – 500ml £12
AM Glass Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner – 500ml £9
AM Rain Window Rain Repellent £10
AM Foam Wax Safe Snow Foam – 1000ml £12
AM Wax Premium Carnuba Wax – 30ml £12
AM Wax Premium Carnuba Wax – 200ml £50
AM Wheel Wax High Temperature Wheel Wax – 100ml £18
AM Clay Fine Abrasive Soft Clay Bar – 200g £14
Detailing Brush 1” £3
AM Plush Buffing Cloth £6
AM Mitt Merino Lambs Wool Wash Mitt £14
Microfibre Cloth 40cm x 40cm £1.50
Glass Cloth £3
Fluffy Drying Towel £8
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