Economy tuning is becoming more and more popular, as remapping has become more mainstream, the economy market has grown massively. The gains from optimizing your engine for minimal fuel consumption can be as much as 20%! By increasing throttle response and reducing turbo lag, your engine can make the same power from lower RPM, allowing you to change up a gear sooner, save fuel and reduce your emissions. Even with an economy tune, the car will feel more eager and nicer to drive. The software is further tweaked at higher RPM to encourage shifting up through the gearbox.

Economy tuning is particularly beneficial to diesel engines, although impressive economy gains can be made with turbo charged petrol engines. Economy tuning is particularly popular among fleet operators, where cutting 10-20% off the monthly fuel bill can seriously add up, especially coupled with a maximum speed limiter mapped in too! all remaps are guaranteed to be 100% MOT compliant, are backed up by comprehensive £2m insurance, and if you’re not totally satisfied we offer a 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee.

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