With a JFA performance remap your car will have more power all the way through the rev range, sharper throttle response, smoother power delivery and better overtaking ability.

JF Automotive lead the way with performance remapping tuning software. Their software, which is all developed in-house on their 2000bhp 4WD Mustang dyno is designed to work on a standard vehicle, while maintaining manufacturer levels of reliability. JFA’s philosophy is not about ‘chasing numbers’, they don’t design a remap to make the car the most powerful it possibly can, at the expense of real-world drivability or the safe limits of the cars components, it’s about making good, safe power gains throughout the rev range to make the car the best car that it can be in the real-world. We can offer stage 1, 2 or 3 files. Stage 1 files are designed to work with a totally standard car, Stage 2 files will take into account improved induction and exhaust systems (which we can also supply on their own, or with a remap) Stage 3 files are for more highly modified cars with items such as uprated intercoolers, turbos, injectors and more. Dependant on vehicle it is quite common to see as much as 40% more BHP and torque, all remaps are guaranteed to be 100% MOT compliant, are backed up by comprehensive £2m insurance, and if you’re not totally satisfied we offer a 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee.

Gearbox remapping

Just like remapping a car’s computer to tell the engine to do different things at different times, gearbox remapping tells the car’s computer to do different things with the gearbox at different times.

By remapping the gearbox, we can customise how the gearbox works to suit the remapped engine better, such as: faster gear shift speeds; torque limits raised; increased red line; optimised gear shift patterns; disable automatic shift up in manual mode, or disable kick-down in manual mode. We can also enable launch control on some cars.

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