ECU remapping has consistently become more and more popular over the last 20 years. As the process has become more and more established, more and more people have tried it for themselves and seen the huge benefits that it can offer! Whether you’re looking to make your car that little bit more economical, unleash the performance that it has within, or looking to gain maximum performance by also adding performance parts, High Speed Heroes can help.

When looking for a remap, there is a huge choice of suppliers to go to and it can seem very daunting, you want a remap from a well established company, who know what they are doing and will get the best out of your vehicle, whilst staying well within the safe limits of your vehicle.

Here at High Speed Heroes, we have proudly partnered with JF Automotive, who based from their Kent HQ have been remapping cars for 8 years. JFA develop all of their software in house using their 2000BHP 4WD Linked Mustang Dyno. After collecting data from the car’s ECU with the standard map on it, they then tweak a number of parameters, whilst repeatedly running the car on the dyno to get a map that they are totally happy with. With JFA, the customer can choose between a Performance map, Eco map or a Blend map which gives a good compromise between the two. Regardless of which map you choose, you can be sure to receive expertly engineered smooth power with a strong focus on drive-abilty, as opposed to out and out peak power in a uncontrolled jerky map, which may give peak numbers, but will make the car horrible to drive.

As a dealer for JF Automotive, we plug our computer into your car’s OBD (on board diagnostics) port and download all of the standard data from your car. We then email it over to JFA, and they send back their custom modified file that they have developed on their dyno with the same car/ECU. We can then transfer that file onto your car and away you go. The whole process typically takes around an hour and is available 7am to 7pm, 7 days per week. (outside these times by arrangement) We keep the original file on our computer and if you’re not totally satisfied we offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee

When buying a JF Automotive remap through High Speed Heroes we can offer a huge amount of customisation. As well as the choice between Performance, Economy and Blend remaps, we can also provide Gearbox remapping to many Automatic vehicles and further personalisation with options such as:

  • EGR delete
  • DPF delete
  • Swirl Flap delete
  • Adblue Delete
  • Permanently disable traction control
  • Permanently disable Stop/Start systems
  • Add or Remove top speed limiters
  • Turn off Immobiliser
  • Enable Launch Control
  • O2 sensor disable

Some of these options may not be compliant for on road use and are therefore they are sold for off road use only.

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