AM Hybrid Sealant - Hybrid Polymer Ceramic "Coating"

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AM Hybrid Sealant is a polymer sealant with ceramic elements included. It provides fantastic water behaviour and high levels of gloss. Applied on the driveway or in a professional setting, you can expect a slick, long-lasting, dirt repelling finish.


For best results apply AM Hybrid Sealant via a microfibre cloth or pad. We advise using the two towel method. Spread over the vehicle's surface 1 to 2 panels at a time. Then immediately buff off with your second microfibre cloth. A little goes a long way.

key Benefits

  • PH 1 to 13 resistance
  • 12 Months Life (up to 15K Miles)
  • Apply on the driveway or in a professional setting
  • A simple wipe on wipe off method.

What AM Details say about this product -

It has taken us some time to bring this one to the market, and it really is something else. Technically it is a ceramic coating, but we wanted to avoid saying that. I believe the definition of a ceramic coating should be left to genuine ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings that provide scratch resistance, chemical protection and the field of other benefits you get from a professionally installed ceramic coating.

As AMDetails are not in the ceramic coatings market yet, I wanted to bridge a gap I believe there is in the market...

A long-life protection product that can be applied in nearly all conditions. It needs to repel dirt and also provide the wow factor whilst being affordable and easy to apply.

So AM Hybrid Polymer Ceramic Sealant was born.

At its core, this product is still a Polymer-based product. This means AM Hybrid Polymer Ceramic Sealant will play with most waxes and sealants out there so a "Perfectly Prepped car" is not required. This "polymer backbone" if you like, has ribs of Ceramic coating attached to it holding them firmly in place. This allowed us to blend these to give the amazing results you get from our Hybrid Ceramic Sealant.

This was the original blurb I wanted to use.... but its a little too technical for a label that could be read by anyone new to car cleaning.

"AMDetails Hybrid Sealant is a true hybrid protection system for all your vehicles surfaces. Its Polymer structure has ceramic elements grafted to it. Giving you the flex and ease of use that a polymer product provides, but also the PH resistance, Gloss levels and water behaviour you would expect from your favourite ceramic."

It is a bit of a mouth full right! AM Hybrid Polymer Ceramic Sealant is a bit of an animal. When the carriers evaporate, it causes a PH change, which then instantly cures and bonds the product to your paintwork. Giving the extended life, you would expect from a 12-month ceramic coating.

For me... AM Hybrid Sealant is not a spray-on, rinse-off product like may probably think it is...

It's a true sealant, dare Is say it, technically a coating, giving you the benefits you would expect from a 12-month ceramic coating without the swirl/scratch resistance. But it can be applied in the driveway making it a fantastic product for the enthusiast, the weekend warrior and the professional.

The AM Hybrid System will easily look after and maintain your favourite vehicle. Providing superb dirt repellency really nice hydrophobic effects and the gloss levels reported back from the AMDetails community are #AMDetailsShineShot worthy.

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