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The AMDetails Microfibre Wash Mitt is a 70/30 blend of Mitt on a super soft foam pad. This Wash Mitt will glide over your vehicle while safely pulling dirt from the surface. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use. The Microfibre material is simple to maintain so that you can keep the mitt like new for every use.

All the wash Mitts and pads we sell are used in our detailing bay to wash every car that comes through our doors. We ensure that we only use high-quality mitts and pads, to make sure they last up to the abuse of day to day washing and will not induce any damage to your vehicle paint. These Mitts and Pads are ideal for home or trade use.


Can be used on the hand for those delicate areas or used in a sponge style fashion and then flipped over to be used again. Allowing for longer cleaning times between rinsing and then dunking in your wash bucket.

Detailing Tips:

  • To reduce the risk of inducing swirls into your vehicles paintwork, we highly recommend using the two-bucket method with this mitt.
  • Have an old Mitt? Downgrade it and use on alloy wheels or lower skirts.

Mitt Care Tips:

To extend the life of your Microfibre Mitt, we highly recommend you thoroughly rinse after each use A simple hand wash and air dry will keep the mitt in excellent condition.

This Mitt can also be put in a washing machine, on a low heat of 40.c and dried in a tumble dryer on low heat. We recommend using non-bio liquid detergent and never exposing your microfibre Mitt to high temperatures like radiators.

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